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I’ve got a 6 year old son and a small group of his friends who all really enjoying boardgames. I’ve been looking for a way to introduce them to RPGs, and a recent article in issue #1 of Gygax Magazine (written by Cory Doctorow) provided some excellent suggestions on simplifying some dungeon crawl rules so that kids could more easily deal with movement, hit points, damage, etc. I’ll be taking Cory’s rules and modifying them a little bit (already started on developing some mini-adventures), and I cannot wait for my Dwarven Forge dungeon tiles to arrive so I can add a 3D element to the upcoming games.

One of the things I’ve been wanting to bring to the adventures is miniatures, but if it’s not the cost that keeps me away, it’s the delicate nature of miniatures or the scary look of many of them. I’d like to have something to represent the brave warrior, the wily wizard, or the sneaky thief. I’ve contemplated LEGO minifies, believe it or not, but the scale is all wrong. Kids are capable of some great feats of imagination and are very forgiving when it comes to mixing scales (especially with cars or action figures), but I’ve yet to really find a simple, inexpensive solution for my mini-adventures I’ve got planned.

Until now.

First, a disclaimer — I’m a backer of this new Kickstarter project. The Fantasy Gaming Figures just started (May 6, 2013) and as I write this, it’s got just over 40 days left to raise $9500. I absolutely love the meeples-look of these figures. Made of wood and painted in colors that are sure to please most kids, I can already picture my son and his friends as they move their figures deeper into the dark dungeon, looking for treasure and fighting monsters.

I’m hoping enough people (especially geek dads and moms) see the potential with these figures to go ahead and back it. As the video suggests, they can even be used as stand-ins with other games. A few commenters have already requested female shapes, and I whole-heartedly agree that the current collection of all-male shapes is really lacking in balance. There are some stretch rewards already planned as well as some hinted in the comments.

I’ll post a reminder when the project hits the 48 hour mark, but until then be sure to check in to see how the project is progressing and what new figures or rewards might be made available. US backers can get 30 unique figures for $20 ($30 for Canadian backers). For $60, you get 4 of the 30 packs… basically buy three, get one free. Be sure to visit the project and check out all 30 figures that are currently planned for the $20 reward.


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