The World's End, from Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg

Prepare for Barmageddon with the full Trailer for The World’s End

The World's End, from Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg
The World’s End, from Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg

No, don’t worry, we’re not re-running content that quickly. It really has been only 2 weeks since the teaser trailer for Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg’s The World’s End was released, but now they’re ready to unleash the full trailer upon us, and it looks even more awesomer!

A lot of the same gags are there from the teaser but we do get more of an idea idea of how the film will play out. All five of the friends make the trip back to their hometown of Newton Haven for the epic pub crawl, and bump into some more old friends along the way. We also get a better look at what the people with the glowing eyes are all about. They’re very strong, seem to have blue blood (or ink?) spraying all over the place when they get their heads bashed in by bar stools, and can do weird things with their arms. And is that a new robot overlord waiting to take over the world? Not long until we find out now.

Director Edgar Wright has answered a bunch of questions from fans over on Yahoo Movies, including the sad news that there’s no Jessica Hynes this time around, how he almost directed the first episode of the new Doctor Who, and the regal connections of the main characters in The World’s End.

I find it uncanny how these two always seem to speak to me directly. In Spaced, Tim Bisley was a comic book book nerd who was really disappointed in The Phantom Menace, just like me. My girlfriend was also struggling to get in to writing at that point too. Shaun’s girlfriend Liz was always saying “exacerbated”, just like my other half (still) does. And then of course there was the time I was an action hero, gun toting cop…
This time around they seem to have raided my music collection as the soundtrack is peppered with some of my all time favourite indie and electronic hits from the early 90s including Primal Scream’s classic Loaded and, er, The Soup Dragons’ I’m Free. Also, I don’t often go back to my hometown these days, but whenever I do I always want it to be exactly like it was 20-odd years ago – going out for a few beers with the lads, before heading back somewhere for a Mario Kart battle or 20, a spin on the decks and a round of ****head for tea. Of course it never works out like that as all of our lives have changed so much, so I’m now thinking I need to assemble my old gang and go see the film with them in lieu of actually doing the pub crawl!

The US poster
The US poster

There are also two new versions of the poster online now as well – both of which also feature Rosamund Pike as the film’s leading lady, Sam. Maybe it’s a ploy to tempt the ladies in to coming to see the film too – “See darling, it’s not just about five blokes getting drunk and fighting aliens/robots, there’s a love story too!”. The blurb on the poster also now says ‘Six Friends’ whereas the official blurb used to say ‘five childhood friends’, so maybe her role has become much more important during the editing of the movie – she’s certainly has a lot more screen time in the trailer.

Elsewhere in “Three Flavours Cornetto” news:

  • Edgar Wright has been posting a ‘photo a day‘ series from the shoot of Shaun of the Dead – which was filmed 10 years ago in Crouch End, North London.
  • Here’s a clever thing that I’d never really twigged before about Ed’s plan for the day after Shaun got dumped, which just goes to show what good writers Wright and Pegg are.
  • See how Wright got busted on the product placement in his movies.
  • And, if you’re heading to London’s MCM Comic Con this Saturday, then you might get to see him as he starts up the movie promotion machine.

The World’s End opens on the 19th July in the UK, August 23rd in the US, and then all over the world.

UK Official Site | US Facebook Page

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