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Leave it to Disneynature to find a compelling way to portray the intricacies of flowers’ place in the world’s ecosystems. Buttressed by narration from Meryl Streep, Wings of Life seeks to show how flowers and flying creatures from bees to butterflies to birds to bats work together — sometimes symbiotically, sometimes in ingeniously-seeming devious ways — to keep the world working and evolving.

As anyone who’s seen previous Disneynature films would expect, Wings of Life is absolutely gorgeous. The slowed-down footage of a hummingbird doing an aerial dance as it extracts nectar from a flower is both fascinating and beautiful. The Blu-ray of this movie is both breathtaking and educational, so how could you miss?


I will say that I was not overwhelmed by Meryl Streep’s narration. While she did an admirable job with what she was given, the material seemed a bit forced — written from the points-of-view of the flowers. And, while I respect the filmmakers’ attempt to enlighten people on various problems with the worlds’ ecosystems, particularly the dwindling of bee populations, I could wish they had found a less heavy-handed way to get their point across. I have to wonder if that explains why this movie was released straight to video, instead of being given a big-screen release.

WoLboxartThe Blu-ray includes a preview of Disneynature’s next feature film, Bears, which promises to be amazing. I can’t wait.

Wings of Life retails for $39.99 but can be easily found for less. You can get it on DVD alone, but given that most of its appeal is in its beauty, I can’t recommend that.

Images: Disneynature.

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