New Star Trek: Into Darkness Trailer: What Is That Ship?!

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Today, Paramount Pictures released the newest official Star Trek: Into Darkness movie trailer. Your brain may start to explode once you reach the 1:17 mark.

What is that ship? To me, it looks like an Abrams-fied version of the Enterprise-D. It could even be an Abrams-fied version of Ambassador class — Enterprise-C — or the Sovereign class — Enterprise-E.

You can download the official trailer — labelled Trailer 2 — from Apple’s website.

How did the villain currently known as Harrison — played by Benedict Cumberbatch — acquire a ship that is significantly bigger than what is supposed to be the flagship of Starfleet? From where did this ship come? Has Harrison found a way to go into the future and steal a future incarnation of the Enterprise — if we are to assume that is indeed another incarnation of the flagship? Did Harrison find a way to hop on over into a mirror universe? Did Harrison expose a ship to gamma radiation, enabling the ship to grow in size when in battle? Or less complicated, did Harrison steal a secret prototype of the next incarnation of the Enterprise?

Okay, the gamma radiation question is completely ridiculous, but my brain is now exploding with all the question! The time travel theory, mirror universe theory, and stolen prototype are perfectly reasonable.

Whatever the answer is, this is the first time I’ve experienced any sort of anticipation for this movie since it was confirmed that Cumberbatch will not be Khan.

What do you think is going on here? What are your theories? There is a good chance we are all wrong. But, it is fun to reasonably speculate until we learn the answers to our questions.

Have you found the Easter egg that I’m assuming is hidden in this trailer?

Star Trek: Into Darkness is set for release in the UK on May 9, 2013, and in North America on May 17, 2013. You can find a complete list of release dates here.

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