A True Star Wars Fan Challenge Poll: What is the BEST Thing About the Prequels?


Sure, it’s easy to bash the Star Wars prequels, but they are a part of our collective geek history, and honestly, there are things we loved about them. So here’s your challenge: get over your anger (which leads to hate, which leads to the Dark Side), and consider instead what you loved about the prequels. If your personal answer isn’t in the poll, feel free to add it in the comments.
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12 thoughts on “A True Star Wars Fan Challenge Poll: What is the BEST Thing About the Prequels?

    1. As much as I loved the seeing Samuel L. in Star Wars, he never should have been a Jedi (much less a Master). Being a Jedi is about being calm and reserved, and seeing Jackson like that was really off-putting (aside from the Purple Lightsaber goodness). Should have made him Jango Fett (imagine…. Oooooo…) or at least a character where he was allowed much more expression in his lines. I always liked his expressiveness in his other roles (Pulp Fiction, Time to Kill, Black Snake Moan).

  1. Darth Maul’s lightsaber battle (though ending poorly) is my favorite lightsaber battle of the whole series. That definitely should’ve been mentioned. And the pod racing!

  2. The best thing about the prequels is that I can pretend they don’t exist.

    (Seriously, why don’t any of them have a protagonist?)

  3. All of them? I realize it’s considered heresy here, but I enjoyed the prequels (and my then pre-teen-aged kids did as well). But then, I understand the objective Lucas had making them — and I don’t think of the films (any of them) as some Great Idealized Artform.

  4. Liam Neeson’s wholehearted commitment to portraying a Jedi Master is beyond a doubt the highlight of the prequels. The look of concentration on his face as he uses his lightsaber to melt through the door on the Trade Federation control ship shows how much energy his gives to and gets from the Force. His selflessness in protecting Anakin when Maul first shows up, and again during the final battle (he could have waited for Obi-Wan to catch up but chose to pursue the mysterious enemy rather than risk letting him get away) is exemplary of the true nature of a Jedi. Qui-Gon Jinn, for me, WAS the Jedi Order.

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