High Heavens Board Game Pits Norse Gods vs. Greek Gods

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Pre-production resin sculpts.
Pre-production resin sculpts.

Want to play a strategy board game that lets you pit the classic Greek pantheon versus the Norse pantheon for control of earth? For the love of Odin and Zeus, get yourself over to the High Heavens board game Kickstarter page and make sure that it gets funded and printed. (It only has one week left on the Kickstarter at the time of this post and is not yet funded.) I had the opportunity to see a prototype of this game at PAX East in Boston, and there always seemed to be a line of folks waiting to give it a spin. The game is a mix between Magic the Gathering and chess since it uses a deck of random cards to help increase the replay value in addition to its grid-based board and highly detailed play pieces.

high-heavens-boardThe game creator Ryan Lesser, a 15 year veteran of the video game industry (Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Dance Central, and more), says that he spent a considerable amount of time doing research on the Greek and Norse pantheons to make sure details and abilities would be true to the historical fluff behind each deity.

If you were lucky enough to play the game at PAX East, please share your comments in the comments section below.


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