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With Black Panther now available in stores, you might be wondering if it’s worth buying the Blu-ray or digital copies. Especially if you’ve seen it in theaters, you might think Black Panther has nothing left to surprise you with. In that case, you’re probably wrong. Here is an entirely incomplete list of the reasons I think everyone should own Black Panther on Blu-ray. Scan to the bottom for your entry into GeekDad’s giveaway, which ends this Saturday, 11:59 PM, EDT.

1: You really need to watch this movie again. Maybe 10 more times.

The sheer number of Easter eggs and cultural references is staggering. On my second watch through, I noticed more biting commentary, more tie-in to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and more, well, everything. From character interactions to clothing, animals to scene details, you cannot possibly take in everything in a single viewing, maybe even three or more viewings.

Also, upon further reflection, you can see how this film has touched the hearts of so many fans. Themes include strong female characters, intelligent/capable/rich characters of color, a conflicted/converted hero, and a struggle which leaves the watcher wondering which side is really supposed to win. There’s so much going on, a re-watch will reveal more of these to you each time.

2: Special Features about Wakanda will open your eyes.

In the features, you can see the world of Wakanda dissected a bit, and you get to see the work that the entire crew put into making Wakanda feel like a natural extension of the real world.

Wakanda is the most “real” location in the MCU to date. It’s brought to life even better than real-life NYC was in the Battle of New York. All the aliens, super powers, and CGI make my head spin in most Marvel scenes. In Black Panther, though, Wakanda is a breathing place. It’s a place where people eat, relax, and live normal lives. All the tech in the world has been unable to change the roots of their culture and the African heritage they’ve never forsaken.

Additionally, you can see the full version of “Wakanda Revealed,” released in part on YouTube.

3: Deleted scenes to die for.

The deleted scenes included on the Blu-ray include “UN Meet and Greet,” where T’Challa finds himself at the UN at a pivotal time.

Okoye and Wakabi Discuss the Future of Wakanda” fills in the blanks to give pivotal scenes much-needed context.

T’Challa Remembers His Father” is self-explanatory.

Voices From the Past” is available in its entirety for viewing on YouTube.

4: “Black Panther | The First 10 Years: Connecting the Universe”

This feature may be a fan favorite. It goes through the Marvel Cinematic Universe and shows how threads are tied together. You can watch a short version of the feature here. It does include spoilers for several Marvel films, though. So if you’re missing anything, you’ll want to check this one out.

5: Audio Commentary

The audio commentary feature gives you the whole film with narration from Ryan Coogler and Hannah Beachler, the director and production designer, respectively. They dive into thoughtful and powerful conversations as they guide you through the film, highlighting trivia and Easter eggs for you to chew on.

This is my favorite feature because, more than anything, it gives you a chance to really understand some of the cultural implications and ramifications of the film, its characters, and the themes which made Black Panther one of the most inspiring characters of our generation. With the commentary, you can see perspectives on the film which you might not even know to consider. It’s great. It’s just great, darn it.

6: You’ll find your own reasons.

If you own Black Panther, I’m confident you will find your own reasons to love it forever. Even if it’s just to watch epic fight scenes or meaningful Wakanda sunrises as often as you like. If you find a reason, comment below. I’d love to know what this cultural shockwave film means to you.


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