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We have looked at many gifts for the holiday season over the past few weeks here at GeekDad. From gadgets to games to clothes, we have shown some of the coolest goodies that are available on the market. Well here are a few more gift ideas that will delight the gray matter in your head. That’s right, educational – but fun – gifts for the intellects and those who would like to become intellects. Gifts from Marbles: The Brain Store.

Brains....Brains....The Brain Cube

For all those out there who thought that Rubik’s Cube was child’s play, meet the brain cube. I was given one of these as a gift earlier this year and I can honestly say, it is just as much a conversation piece as it is a puzzle. The object of this puzzle is basically the same as its colorful counterpart, except for one caveat – you have to match the folds of the brain to the corresponding sections. Also, it is squishy, just like the real thing!

Splickety LitSplickety LitSplickety Lit

Not a typo – that is correct. This hilarious party game challenges players to ask a question with the consonants flipped and the opponent has to answer the question the same way. Great game for those of us who often get tongue tied.

Stick Bombs

Your arsenalYour arsenal This is my favorite of the bunch! Here is what you get: 1,000 multi-colored tongue depressors, 50 Popsicle sticks, some rubber bands, safety goggles, and instructions. Now build something that explodes! You’re not going to add lighter fluid like MacGyver would do. You are learning and playing with elastic energy. The instructions show how to stick the sticks together in different ways that will explode when released. Then you experiment with your own techniques. This gift sounds simple, but the sheer sight of 1,000 sticks will keep you busy for a while.

Wordy WordWordy WordWordy Word

This party game is for all those who love their word games. The concept is simple: roll a few dice that have letters on them and then make words out of those letters. Then the opposing team tries to guess what words you created in the same amount of time. The strategy is, do you spend more time coming up with harder words? Or less time and many easy words?

Van Gogh SmART Puzzle

SmART PuzzleSmART PuzzleJust putting together a jigsaw puzzle of Starry Night would be hard, but how about that puzzle with no cut pieces? Better yet, what if those pieces overlapped? Also what if on the back of those pieces were pieces for another puzzle in the same color palette? Sounds pretty rough, doesn’t it? That is the idea behind the SmART Puzzle. This puzzle forces the owner to study each piece, and more importantly the colors and brush strokes, in order to complete it.

All of these cool items and more are available at right now. However, thanks to Marbles: The Brain Store, we are giving them all away right here! Simply fill out the form below and you will be entered to win one of these cool gifts! One of each will be given away on Monday (12/17/2012) at 8pm CST. That way the brainy elves can mail them post haste to the winners, hopefully in time for Christmas! (Click here if you can’t see the form below.)

Entries will be accepted until 5:59pm Pacific on December 17th. Winners will be chosen at random and prizes will be shipped December 19th.

Just so you know, we are absolutely not going to share any of this information with anyone for nefarious reasons. We just need to know this so that, if you win, we can actually get your prizes to you. Good luck!

Open to North American residents only.
One entry per physical address.
Must be 18 or older to enter.
Winners will be chosen at random from the giveaway entries.
Winners will be notified via the email supplied at time of entry.
Prize is supplied by a 3rd party, and may be a demonstration or review unit, previously used for evaluation. cannot be held liable for non-new condition, or items damaged or lost in shipping.

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