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Mevo Makes Professional Live Video Easy

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Streaming live video is very popular and has been made incredibly simple through Facebook Live and similar services. Unfortunately, the content is very simplistic due to the limitations of the hardware and software available to the consumer… until now. A single Mevo camera performs as if there were multiple cameras, zooming and panning between them flawlessly.

Created by Livestream, a leader in live video streaming, Mevo creates high-quality videos with on-the-fly editing and then allows streaming to both Livestream and Facebook Live. Videos can also be recorded to onboard memory (a 16 GB microSD card is included) and then shared through the application to YouTube, Facebook, email, and more.

The magic of the Mevo comes from the synergy of a wide-angle camera and an amazing application that allows the camera to perform as if there were multiple cameras, zooming and panning between them flawlessly. The hardware is incredible, remarkably small (a 2-inch diameter cylinder only 2 ½ inches tall) while still fulfilling all of its promises.

Mevo from Livestream
Mevo from Livestream
Image Credit: Mevo

The Mevo Boost accessory increases the height of the camera by more than six inches, but adds a substantial battery to the system, increasing battery time to approximately ten hours. The larger size also allows for a 10/100 Mbps Ethernet jack (for reliable, wired data) and a USB port for streaming using an external 4G LTE modem, unfortunately at this moment there are only two modems that will work with Mevo (although more are promised).

Mevo cameras and accessories are available now directly at or on Amazon (where it is eligible for Prime).

Mevo Livestream Camera and AccessoriesDirect Link to Amazon

We were sent a Mevo unit to try and have been amazed by a few of the options in the Camera Assistant menu. The “Live Follow” function allows a camera shot to automatically follow the movement of the object they are tracking, such as a person’s face. While the “Autopilot” function is not perfect, it allows for a user to live edit without an additional person controlling the shots–the Mevo app will automatically cut between any detected faces, manually placed trackers, and a wide shot.

With the Mevo camera as part of a social media toolkit, streaming high-quality live video is a reality for the consumer, and user-generated content will never, ever be the same.

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