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Transformers Prime Season 2 Blu-rayTransformers Prime Season 2 Blu-rayTransformers fans, roll out!

The second season of Transformers Prime is coming on DVD (November 20) and Blu-ray (November 27) and it’s a good one. I got a sneak peek on DVD it’s a blast, finishing off the storyline from the end of Season One and then kicking off some great new story arcs. [SPOILER ALERT] After Starscream went rogue at the end of the first season, he’s still just as whiny but has become a more interesting character, since he’s no longer really a Decepticon. That doesn’t stop him from being deceptive, though. And Silas and his M.E.C.H. team make for another great antagonist for the Autobots.

The discs include more new interviews with the creative team, as well as video from a panel with Peter Cullen (voice of Optimus Prime) and Larry King from this year’s Comic-Con International. It’s amazing to consider that Cullen has been voicing Optimus Prime for nearly thirty years. King knows what the crowd wants; after introducing Cullen the first thing he says is “First, before anything else: do the voice!” and Cullen obliges. It’s a fun interview, and although it’s not all about Optimus Prime, it’s a great look at an amazing voice-over career.

To celebrate the release, Shout Factory is providing five copies of the Blu-ray set for GeekDad readers. Simply fill out the form below (click here if the embedded form doesn’t work for you) to enter before 11:59pm Pacific on Sunday, November 18. We’ll pick five winners at random.

Disclosure: GeekDad received a review copy of the DVD.

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