A New Algebraic Math App: Polynomial Long Division

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Adding to his extensive collection of simple but effective and clear math apps, Esa Helttula has now introduced Polynomial Long Division.

Most of Esa’s previous apps have been about arithmetic, helping kids practice their addition, subtraction, multiplicaton, and division in a variety of ways. But this new one dives straight in the middle of Algebra, teaching kids how to manipulate and divide polynomials and their individual terms.

When you start it up, the app presents you with a polynomial division problem, and then steps you through each part of the division process. If you’re ever stuck, tap on a term or on “help me,” and the app teaches or reminds you how to solve that part of the equation.

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As with all of Esa’s apps, you can change settings to affect what kinds of terms are used, and the appearance of the page. You can also set up a problem manually if your kids want help with a homework problem, or you want to challenge them with a specific set of polynomials. There is also a history listing, so you can see the problems you’ve already solved.

There is an extensive help screen that gives assistance with every part of the app. You can also get more information about this and Esa’s other apps at the iDevBooks website.

While the app does help you along step-by-step, if you’re new to dividing polynomials, or manipulating their terms, some outside instruction might be helpful before trying the app. But if you’re more the “figure it out as you go” type, this app gives you the information and tools necessary to do that on your own.

Polynomial Long Division for the iPad is available in the iTunes store for $2.99. It’s fantastic for helping kids (and grown-ups) practice polynomial manipulation and division. Polynomial Multiplication, and Polynomial Addition and Subtraction, will be coming out in the near future. I can’t recommend Esa’s math apps enough.

Note: I received a copy of this app for review purposes.

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