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Skylanders Battlegrounds Mock-upSkylanders Battlegrounds Mock-up

Hypothetical Skylanders Battlegrounds mock-up

Having finally completed my Skylander Giants full list of characters, I’ve been on the lookout for other Skylanders news to get my teeth into. Today I was in luck and stumbled upon a couple of new trademarks: Skylanders Battlegrounds and Skylander Lost Islands.

These both sound like new games for mobile platforms. Their trademark description identifies their use as video game software for “mobile and cellular phones” and “portable and handheld digital electronic devices”. From this it sounds like a simple follow up to the popular Skylanders Cloud Patrol iOS game.

However the trademark description for Battlegrounds also includes mention of RFID technology (used in the Portal peripheral) while the trademark for Cloud Patrol and Lost Islands don’t. Combine this with the fact that Skylanders Cloud Patrol has had recent price cuts to drive adoption and it looks like Eon is getting ready for an all-out offensive on the tablet and mobile gaming market.

Perhaps we will see Lost Islands as the follow up to Cloud Patrol on the iOS, with Battlegrounds bringing a new experience to iPad where you can use a new Portal peripheral to import your Skylanders Giant characters and do battle. I created the above mock-up to offer an idea of how it might look.

Further investigation substantiated the suggestion that this is a new iOS game. A blog called Grey Squirrel with entries posted by a paralegal at Activision listed “Skylanders Battlegrounds – iOS” as a game they are working on. The page also lists other Skylanders games like Giants and Spyro’s Adventure in the list.

It will be interesting to see what emerges (and when) on these two new games. We’ll be sure to keep tabs on progress and report back with more information as we get it.

Skylanders Giants is available for pre-order via Amazon: $59.99 without a Portal and $74.99 with a Portal.

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