How Does Battleship Stack Up to Other Alien Invasion Movies?

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Battleship movieBattleship movie

Battleship opens today, and by now I’m sure you’ve probably seen the trailers. (You did go see The Avengers, right?)

I suppose it only makes sense that a movie based on a classic boardgame would use a classic plot point: alien invasion! From the trailer, you can tell that the aliens are bent on destruction, have some pretty high-tech weaponry (force fields, peg-shaped missiles, giant spinning wheelie-things that tear apart buildings and ships). The humans have, well, their battleship. While I haven’t seen the movie, I’m going to assume that the humans prevail in the end — but only after much loss of life, the destruction of Hong Kong, and some gruff commands from Liam Neeson about firing on “B-6.”

It got me thinking about other alien invasion movies: What do they want? What weapons do they have? How do we defeat them? Here’s just a handful of alien invasion movies. (Note: Spoilers ahead!)

The Avengers

What the aliens want: World domination.

Weaponry: Guns, flying jet-skis, enormous flying-fish machines

How we win: Hulk smash. And then we throw a nuke at them.

Independence DayIndependence Day

Independence Day

What they want: Our resources — all of them. They’re just like us on fast-forward, really.

Weaponry: countless enormous flying saucers that can destroy entire cities with their big lasers.

How we win: Jeff Goldblum uses his Mac to give the mothership a computer virus. And then we launch a nuke at them.



What it wants: Who knows? A good pizza, maybe?

Weaponry: Sheer size, and a bunch of parasites.

How we win: We shoot it with shaky handheld cameras until the military bombs Manhattan.

The Iron GiantThe Iron Giant

The Iron Giant

What it wants: Metal. Mmmmmm.

Weaponry: He’s basically a giant gun. Or is he?

How we win: We shoot a nuke at him. Well, at ourselves, and then he saves us from our own stupidity.


E. T.

What they want: To study our plants.

Weaponry: Glowing fingers, extraterrestrial gardening tools.

How we win: We let the guy call for a ride, finally.

Batteries Not IncludedBatteries Not Included

*batteries not included

What they want: To fix things.

Weaponry: Little teeny soldering irons, and a magical ability to repair nearly anything.

How we win: We don’t, despite trying to burn down the building they’re in. They win.



What they want: Unobtainium, some rock or something that grows under our Hometree.

Weaponry: Lots of ships with guns.

How we win: One of the invading aliens falls in love with our princess and helps us defeat his kinsman by flying on a big dragon.

It seems like shooting a bunch of missiles (or nukes) is a pretty common strategy, though there are a few more creative ways to deal with our alien visitors. What are some of your favorite alien invasion movies, and how do they stack up to these?

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