The Legend of Korra: Interactive Walk-Through of Republic City

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The Legend of Korra – Republic City interactive walk-through on

The new series from Nickelodeon, The Legend of Korra, will premiere on April 14. But Nick keeps giving impatient fans new tantalizing teasers!

Last week the first two episodes of the series were made available to watch on the Nickelodeon website – check out my post about those episodes here.

Now, Nickelodeon’s launched an interactive walk-through on their website, giving fans the chance to learn more about Republic City, the setting for The Legend of Korra!

As of now the first three (out of nine) areas have been unlocked, and if you navigate through them you’ll find some information about the world of Korra and Aang that hadn’t previously been revealed: biographies of some important figures in Republic City, why sky bison and flying lemurs are still around in Korra’s time, and some intriguing history of Aang’s time following the war. The still-locked areas suggest that eventually we’ll learn more about the sport of pro-bending, Toph’s daughter Lin, and maybe some things we haven’t even gotten hints of yet.

The walk-through is really just a way to disseminate information about the series, but it’s easy to use and offers an engaging glimpse at what we can look forward to as the series unfolds.

You can try the Republic City walk-through for yourself on

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