PureGear’s iPhone Extreme Protection: Eye-Catching


iPhone case, protective caseiPhone case, protective case

PureGear's Extreme Protection System for the iPhone 4/4s

As I’ve been wandering around at a writer’s convention last week, I had many occasions to pull out and use my iPhone 4s, currently wearing PureGear’s Extreme Protection System, which I was sent for review. I received more comments about the phone case than the phone. Most of the comments range from “that looks like something I need to get for my kids” or “and there’s a clip? Handy!”

There’s no question that it’s a sturdy case. The two sides of the case must be screwed together and tightened with the included utility tool. The case then covers over the power button on the top, the volume buttons on the left, and the connecting port on the bottom. I was worried that this would somehow interfere with the power or volume controls but the case fits so snugly that it works as easily as before.

The case may have been designed for outdoor use but the clip is something I appreciate as a mom because I can clip to my pocketbook handle and prevent the phone from disappearing into the bottom of my purse.

The kit also comes with a screen protector and a resistant water bag. I wasn’t as brave as GeekMom Nicole Wakelin, who tested out a waterproof case by dropping her iPhone into a fishbowl, so I can’t answer for the water resistance.

Extreme Protection System is definitely shockproof as I’ve accidentally dropped the phone a number of times and it’s been fine. That made me brave enough to bang my desk with the phone. No worries.

The only drawback might be losing the utility tool, which is needed to screw the case into place. I’m sure there are screwdrivers that could be used as a substitute but that definitely is not as convenient. The case is priced at $49.95.

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