100 Years and a Day Later, a Lego Titanic Model

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Image via actualite.monteregieweb.com

Titanic stories are so last week, but here’s one more item to add to the list of events, movies, books and projects that marked the 100th anniversary of the ship’s sinking. How about a 9-foot scale model replica of the ship, made from Lego?

The model which was built by a group in Quebec calling themselves the ‘Brickomaniacs‘ may not be the most detailed replica of the ship ever built with Lego (this one at 23 feet long, over 1,000 pounds, 250,000+ bricks and a $15,000.00 price tag is probably the project to beat), but it’s still better than anything I’ve ever put together. The team spent roughly 200 hours constructing their model, which contains about 40,000 bricks. Aside from the accomplishment, there are a few things that set this particular model apart:

  • The ‘Brickomaniacs’ consist of a team of 15 kids, aged 10 to 14 (led by an adult named Jonathan Bussiere).
  • It was built specifically in recognition of the 100th anniversary of the historic event, and (appropriately) 1/100th scale was chosen.
  • This news-making Lego model was built in St. Basile-Le-Grand, Quebec, only half an hour by car from the Montreal headquarters of Lego rival Mega Brands — manufacturer of the competing Mega Bloks building sets. Snap!

And for fans of the Lego Titanic theme, here’s another model (complete with not-quite-to-scale interior).

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