Viggo-Palooza Is Over: Viggo Mortensen Speaks One Last Time


It’s been a heckuva week of Viggo-ness here at GeekDad.

After a spending a long day at Boston’s Coolidge Corner Theatre on March 5, and conducting one audience Q&A, one press conference, several other interviews, and getting his Coolidge Award, actor Viggo Mortensen left town. But he left behind thousands of words. We’ve documented just about every one he said in our three-part interview, as well as in videos of his public appearances that day.

Now for the final chunk of footgage. Here, Viggo answers questions from the audience after a screening of his film Eastern Promises. But fear not, he also speaks plenty about other roles (Aragorn/Strider), as well as leading the audience in a sing-along of “Aragorn’s Coronation,” the tune he performed as Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our little Viggo-palooza. Now, back to your regularly-scheduled fanboy program.

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