Celebrate the Second Annual Carl Sagan Day Tomorrow!


Carl Sagan with a model of the Viking landerCarl Sagan with a model of the Viking lander
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Centered around what would have been his 76th birthday (November 9), this year we celebrate Carl Sagan Day on November 6 — that is, tomorrow. This is the second year that people have organized activities surrounding this holiday. Inspired by the 1939 World’s Fair in New York, Carl Sagan’s curiosity about the natural world and later the universe took him on an amazing journey of his own, not the least of which was his television series, Cosmos.

So, this year, learn a bit about what Carl Sagan accomplished and taught us. He contributed much more than I had realized. The Center for Inquiry’s website has more information on who Carl Sagan was, what he did and a list of ways to celebrate. Facebook also has a page for the day. Even Wikipedia has a very extensive entry. How will you celebrate Carl Sagan Day?

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