Bad Dad: Celebrity Baby Names


Geekdad_tatGeekdad_tatWhen Celebrity Naming Goes Bad

In this day and age where baby names are getting even more exotic with non-traditional spellings, brand names, and the occasional totally made up name, celebrities are having to stretch their imaginations to come up with fresh and controversial names for their offspring.

JasonleepilotinspektorJasonleepilotinspektorHollywire has a rather large roundup of the worst child names in entertainment.  My "favorites" are: Pilot Inspektor (with a K?), Calico Dashiell (meow?), Prima [dona] Sellechia, and Reign Beau.

I’d like to hear your comments.  Should kids be saddled with names that not only get them ridiculled, but necessitate they spell it every single time?  I have enough trouble with Anton and it is spelled exactly how it sounds.  I can’t imagine having to spell Whizdom or Tryumph each and every time someone needs to enter my name.

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