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Credential checks can happen to anyone, at anytime.  The other day my fiancée messaged me, "Do you know what AT-AT stands for?
  Don’t look it up!" Wondering why she would bore me with such an easy question, I replied back "All Terrain…uh.." My mind went blank.  Sweat began to ball up on my brow.  This is my son’s favorite vehicle. Heck, this was
my favorite toy growing up.  Brain racing, I finished the sentence "Assault Transport."
I slumped back into my chair feeling like I may have dodged a bullet.
A look of disbelief played across my face as the message "Armored Transport" appeared on the screen.  I hung my head in shame, finding solace only in the fact that this had not been a real cred check.  My son would not be as forgiving as she was.

As GeekDads, it is our duty to stay ever vigilant.  Cred checks are a part of life and we must be prepared when they occur.  Have yourself tested regularly.  Your child’s future depends on it.

When was your last cred check?

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