You Let Our Child Read What?!?

Geek Culture

Here’s a new comic title to add to the list:

Doctor Who #1

For those of you not following the current series on the BBC, or BBC America, my condolences.  Your geek-life is a hollow sham, with only angst and ennui to keep you company.  The best compliment I can give the series producer and head-writer, Russell T. Davies, is that he is the British Joss Whedon.  The comic is clearly aimed at the younger set, as is evident by the art-work and the general tone.

If you’re not familiar with Doctor Who you might have trouble following or appreciating the comic, but 10 minutes on Wikipedia will fix that.
If you do follow the series, then you will really appreciate the replication of the spirit of the series — at least as seen in the first issue.  The series does omit the romantic subtext of the Doctor and Martha’s relationship, but maintains the Doctor’s wonderful sense of whimsy and paradoxical combination of super-knowledge with childish nature.  The first issue of this series brings all that’s good for kids from the current series, and none of the inappropriate.  Go check it out!

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