Geek and Sundry: All Our Favorite Geeks In One Place


Girl in an over-sized armchair telling a story.Girl in an over-sized armchair telling a story.

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It appears that a lot of my favorite geeks have been busy scheming behind our backs. Geek and Sundry is a new website and Youtube channel for a totally awesome lineup of indie geek culture. The channel is launching on April 2nd and will show seven different shows.

First up on Monday, April 2nd is The Flog, a video blog by Felicia Day which looks like it will be everything that Felicia is: funny, geeky, awkward, and totally awesome.

The folks at Dark Horse are helping with a Wednesday show called Dark Horse Motion Comics. The previews make it look exactly like that, a comic, with motion. Don’t confuse it with cartoons or animations because it definitely isn’t either. Dark Horse is producing many of my favorite comics now so I’m very excited to see what they come up with.

Fridays will alternate two great shows, Tabletop and Sword and Laser.

Tabletop is hosted by Wil Wheaton and promises to be a funny look at some of our favorite games.

Sword and Laser features Veronica Belmont and Tom Merritt, the creators of the podcast of the same name. S&L has been running as an audio podcast for over 4 years and I’m eager to see how it translates to video.

Then coming up in July, Dark Horse will take a break for 10 weeks to make room for a show called Written by a Kid. This looks very cool, and should be great for families to watch together. I love that the set has the adults sitting in tiny kids chairs and the kids are sitting in an oversized armchair.

The off somewhere in the future is a musical scripted show by Paul and Storm called Learning Town. The trailer makes me think they are still in the planning stages, but hey, at least they have a killer title screen.

Then, finally, Starting April 10th, Season 5 of The Guild will premier. If you haven’t been following the guild Geek and Sundry will be uploading seasons one through four of The Guild as full length high quality movies, complete with annotations and gag reals. I think I smell a Guild marathon coming up in few weeks.

Be sure to hit up the Geek and Sundry site for the more information and check out the Youtube channel for the complete trailers and introductions by Felicia.

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