Happy Birthday, Bill Nye!

Happy Birthday, Bill! Image: BillNye.com
Happy Birthday, Bill! Image: BillNye.com

Consider the following: It’s Bill Nye the Science Guy’s birthday!

Aside from hosting his fantastic 1993-1998 TV show (my daughter was born in 1997, so reruns and locally syndicated airings of Bill Nye the Science Guy were favorites around our house when she was little), Bill Nye:

  • was a Boeing engineer who developed a hydraulic resonance suppressor tube used on 747s
  • helped design the sundials used to calibrate the Mars landers’ panoramic cameras
  • was a technical expert on Battlebots
  • guest starred on an episode of Stargate Atlantis
  • appeared in xkcd

He’s still regularly invited to add his scientific voice to news stories on everything from interplanetary solar sails to the BP oil disaster.

Please join all of us at GeekDad in wishing Bill Nye a very happy 58th birthday, and many more to come! And check out a short film clip of Nye at work:

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