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Intervention conferenceIntervention conference

I was contacted by a friend from the comics world about the new Intervention convention. Intrigued, I checked out the workshop list. My first thought after looking at it was “Ooo! A con that talks about web comics and how to create them.”

The workshops go beyond the simple nuts and bolts of writing and also get into the technical details on how to use WordPress and other sites to host your blog and comics, from beginning to advanced programming.

This new con, set for September 10-12 in Rockville, Maryland, was put together by artist Onezumi Hartstein and web developer James Harknell to fill a void. They noticed that while there were sci-fi conventions, comic book conventions, and anime conventions, there was no Internet Culture convention.

“James and I wanted to put together an event that would compliment the existing print-centric conventions — we wanted to showcase the creators who use the internet as their primary publishing method,” Hartstein said in a press release. “I went to conventions for years to promote my webcomic, and was always treated well, but felt that web creators needed their own space. We’re giving them that with Intervention.”

I asked Brian Lynch, the press agent for the con, what one thing he wanted people considering attending to know about Intervention, especially it’s the same weekend as SPX aka the Small Press Expo.

He said to tell Wired readers that “we’re the only con to ever host a two-night, Cthulhu-themed goth/industrial dance party, replete with cosplaying go-go dancers. Alternately, I hear that SPX has a very nice chocolate fountain….”

More seriously, Lynch pointed out the low registration price. “We’re the diet con. All the big con fun, half the big con price.”

The biggest name at the con will be science fiction legend Ben Bova. Aside from the writing workshops and discussion panels, there’s also a comprehensive gaming track. The con’s sponsors include ThinkGeek and Popcap Games, among others.

Pre-registration tickets for the weekend can be purchased for $40; tickets at the door will cost $45, with single-day rates to be announced.

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