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It’s been a rather Skylanders-filled week. There was the appearance of third wave figures on Amazon yesterday which I followed up with a meet the Skylanders guide to different characters. Then today a kind commenter sent me scurrying to investigate new gold editions of Skylander figures.

It transpires that, in a similar fashion to the super limited edition Silver Skylanders (which reach up to $40 on Amazon because of their scarcity), a new series of gold figures have been winging their way to store shelves. Just like the silver toys, the novelty here is solely in their unusual appearance.

Gold Chop Chop (image credit: Jeremy McIntire)Gold Chop Chop (image credit: Jeremy McIntire)

Gold Chop Chop (image credit: Jeremy McIntire)

Whereas the Legendary Skylanders offer boosted stats and look different in the game, these gold figures (like the silver ones before them) have the same stats and look the same as normal when brought into play. The biggest novelty is that you have to find these figures in shops as they are sent out at random. If you get lucky enough to find one (like one of our commenters) you need to then decide whether to sell it online or add it to your collection.

My kids actually prefer the normally-painted versions, although where we have two of the same kind we have used a Silver figure to help distinguish between them. It was interesting to see the kids on the playground before school with them, though, as a flock of other kids came running to see these strange new Skylanders.

I’ve been putting together a guide about the different Skylanders figures and when they are being released. So far we have the following Silver Skylanders:

  • Silver Dino-rang
  • Silver Boomer
  • Silver Eruptor

Which are now joined by the following Gold Skylander:

  • Chop Chop

Combine this with the various waves of Skylanders releases and and it looks like a most interesting year for anyone looking to perfect their collection in 2012.

Skylanders figures are available from $7.99 on Amazon. Sought-after editions can reach in the region of $40.

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