Night Lights At The Buffalo Botanical Gardens

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Awesome lighting displays aren’t just for Christmas any more.

Steve French with Volt Vision has teamed up with SitlerHQ to create an awesome interactive lighting display at the Buffalo Botanical Gardens. The goal is to enhance the natural beauty of the plants with a large artistic networked lighting display.

Last year they augmented the display with a well received interactive element. Kids and grandparents alike loved tapping a drum to trigger different lighting effects. This year they are adding more interactive elements including motion and voice sensors.

They are currently setting up for a February 1st opening. The event runs through the 18th and will feature performances from musicians and showcase other art from painters and sculptures.

I met Steve when we spoke at the FIT2011 conference in Guatemala last year. I was impressed with what he was doing to create low cost networked lighting displays. For the event they are using a combination of off the shelf components and custom lighting controllers designed by Volt Vision.

For more information check out the video after the jump, and visit the Buffalo Botanical Gardens and Night Lights sites.

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