Slowing Down the Kids Lego Style


It cost how much to get in, and we’re back out again in 10 minutes?

photo: Greig Chisholmphoto: Greig Chisholm

photo: Greig Chisholm

Stately homes, castles, museums, all great family days out, but there are times when children seem to be on a different clock to their parents. A twenty room stately home can be a 10 minute diversion, an award winning museum, little more than a fly-by. This can be frustrating for the parents from a value for money point of view, but also because it stops us older ones from getting our history mojo working.

As with so many other situations Lego comes to the rescue. Lots of locations seem to have got wise to this issue of the highly relativistic nature of time when kids and parents visit their attractions and have turned to Lego Minifigs to solve the problem. The location, whatever it may be, is turned into a treasure hunt through the magic of Lego. Minifigs are placed in hidden locations in every room and the children are challenged to find them all. Like the Millenium Falcon dropping out of hyperspace, the kids slow down to nearer the pace of their parents. Of course, adding a treasure hunt for Minifigs gets my blood pumping at least as much as the children’s. Trouble is, I have a hard time finding my rear end with both hands, never mind a Minifig perched on the edge of a chandelier ten feet above the ground.

My personal favourite Minifig hunt is Culzean Castle on the west coast of Scotland.

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