Maker Faire Was Awesome and the Boothstream Viewer Contest Winner

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I’m just posting this as a little summary as of Sunday evening, 9:20pm after Maker Faire. Everything was either given away, or now sits boxed up and back on my pool table to be shipped to various corners of the country. We gave away 30 Lego kits, various wonderful goodies from ThinkGeek and Entertainment Earth (thanks guys!), 500 squishy spacemen from the Science Channel and a bunch of pens and copies of Wired magazine. On top of all that, our benefactor Steven from Lego gave us 2 Mindstorms sets to give away, and the wonderful folks from Legoland in the booth next door also gave us some passes for the park that were happily received by some of our visitors.

You’ll probably see a few more posts about all the cool stuff that we saw and did, but I want to thank the whole team at the booth: Anton, Dave and his son, Jenny and her family, Todd and his family, of course Chris, Steven from Lego, and my patient and wonderful wife and boys. The people are what made this an experience of a lifetime, and this group got along so well (as geeks will often do), the time sped by and was filled with fun.

And lastly, I’d like to congratulate reader StephanieSays who has won the Science Channel “sorry you couldn’t make it to Maker Faire” prize with her comment on our live streaming video post. Well done!

Now, after about 30 hours of overstimulation, I’m going to be. Hope to see everyone at Maker Faire next year!

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