Art Cars at Maker Faire Austin 2008


MFA-IMG_1482MFA-IMG_1482The first area inside the main gate was for the Art Cars.  By far the loudest, both figuratively and literally, was the Sashimi Tabernacle Choir, a blue 1984 Volvo 240 covered with singing lobsters and fish.  For reasons that I cannot quite fathom I really enjoy the art cars.  For a look at the "singing lobster car" check out the video after the jump.

TyBob’s Ride was a cool 1987 Chevy Caprice Classic that he has covered in steel, found objects and aluminum pot lids.  I appreciated the old keyboards covering the top of the dash and the wild colored Trimline phone wired to the dash.  He should talk to the Sparkfun people about making it work.

Tim Klein was also there with his Yarn Car, but for some reason he wasn’t with the rest of the art cars.  He did have the advantage of being in the barn and shade, but was a little off the beaten path.  I first saw the yarn car at the Afternoon with Maker Faire in Dallas.

Some of the other art cars included the fire breathing Carmadillo, a Pterodactyl car (aka Karmageddon), Chia Car, the Batmobile Golf Cart, and a few others that I can’t find names or pictures of.  Somehow I totally missed Scott Wade and his "Dirty Art Car".  He does amazing things with a dirty car window.

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