Make Sure Your Kids Are Standards-Compliant with HTML for Babies

Geek Culture

As he was reading picture books to his infant son, John Vanden-heuvel realized most books simply used simple words and objects to familiarize kids with language basics, not a far cry from the objects and language Vanden-heuval used in his day job as a Web designer. “I realized that I could be exposing him visually to many other potentially interesting things,” says Vanden-heuval, “the idea of HTML code in a babies board book with colorful cute positive words was ironic, little funny and very timely.”

The result is a short board book, full of bright colors and loaded with tags, which will help your spawn on their way to crunching code and ruling the Internet. HTML for Babies is off to a great start and Vanden-heuval has already has plans for sequels. Can MySQL for My Toddler be far off? Only time will tell …

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