Help Erin Hill (the Sci-Fi Harp Girl) Make A Music Video Album With Kickstarter

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I have the wonderful opportunity to work with many fantastic independent musicians. Erin Hill–follow her on Twitter @erinhillhar–happens to be one of the extremely talented independent musicians whom I work with. You may already be familiar with the girl with the psychedelic harp, even if you are not aware of it. Included in her performance credits: She has performed with Enya, Moby, Kanye, and more, and her 2009 album with her Celtic group hit #1 on the Billboard World Music Chart. She has also appeared on film, television–most notably, she has appeared as the Pretty White Girl on Comedy Central’s Chappelle’s Show–and she’s performed on Broadway.

Not only is she an amazingly talented performer, she is a HUGE geek. Currently, she is working on her newest album: Girl Inventor. Girl Inventor is filled with brilliant science and science-fiction pop tunes played on a harp. A HARP! I’ve had a sneak peak, well sneak listen, of the album and it is beyond amazing! Below, you’ll find just one example of the deliciously luscious music that will be found on this album.

That is not all! Erin wants to create a video album. But in order to do so, she needs your help. I’ll let Erin explain.

Erin Hill’s Kickstarter Video

Isn’t Erin beyond adorable!? Don’t you want to see more amazing videos, such as Giant Mushrooms? Don’t you want to support independent music filled with geeky, nerdy, science and science-fiction themes, ones with positive messages for both young girl and young boy geeks and nerds, but geared towards to the older nerd and geek crowd who are still young at heart? Do you want to receive some great rewards in the process?

I thought you did! To find out more information about this Kickstarter project, visit Erin’s campaign page here. She needs to raise $24,101 by November 16, 2011. I hope that she is successful!

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