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Pocket Reflector

There are many users out there that are truly pushing the limits of the iPhone’s camera functionality, making gorgeous, inspiring art using this diminutive piece of functional technology – like my pal Doctor Popular, for example. I, however, am not one of those people.

I have no eye for composition or scale, and my sense of proper lighting is nothing short of atrocious. Thankfully the team from Photojojo is here to help. At least with that last part.

Their Pocket Reflector is a useful (and uniquely portable) device that can be employed to concentrate light and eliminate shadows, especially in portrait or product shots. Best of all, this 12″ diameter disc folds neatly into a properly pocketable 5″ case. This makes it the perfect take-anywhere device for kicking up your Instagram.

Available for a mere $15, the Pocket Reflector is also a wallet-friendly solution, and since it’s from Photojojo it comes with its own set of easy-to-understand instructions with a healthy dose of humor and charm. Here’s an example from the product site:

Hold it opposite your main light source to bounce light back onto your subject. The white side reflects soft natural light. The silver side bounces back bright concentrated light. No batteries, harsh flashes or fancy pants required.

With a nice price and solid construction, the Pocket Reflector is a great place to start for folks who want to step up their phoneography game – even the totally clueless like yours truly. In fact my only complaint is that the fold up process is a little daunting at first.

(Cue helpful animated GIF.)

Review materials and bonus plastic dinosaurs provided by the always awesome Photojojo.

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