Innistrad Brings Magic: The Gathering to the Lands of Horror

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After several sets featuring rather arcane cosmologies, MtG publisher Wizards of the Coast is visiting Innistrad, a plane filled with werewolves, vampires and other classic horror elements.

Horrifying creatures have always existed on Innistrad. The humans of this world have always relied on their faith to shield them from vampires and werewolves, spirits, and ghouls. But of late, the holy wards and runes have begun to fail. The protection of travelers’ shrines and rustic prayers grows weak. The spells of vampire slayers and wolfhunters are no longer proof against the creatures that prowl the shadows. The Lunarch, head of the revered Church of Avacyn, knows what the village priests whisper: that the archangel Avacyn has abandoned Innistrad.

The Innistrad set features the darkest planes in all the Multiverse. Innistrad is a plane of horror and death, and fittingly many of the cards in this set focus on the power of the graveyard. You’ll reap rewards for sending creatures there, and you’ll be able to use the cards there in powerful, unexpected ways. To survive and thrive in Innistrad, it pays to get in touch with your dark side.

After the break: Our exclusive Innistrad preview card!

Wait… what?! There are two cards here, foolish blogger! But therein lies one of the cool new rules of the set: double-sided cards. Depending on gameplay, your Hanweir Watchkeep transforms into the werewolf. When that happens, you flip the card over. Sweeeet!!!!

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