A Re-release of Biblical Proportions: Ghostbusters Returns!

Geek Culture

This is a public service announcement: Seminal 1984 supernatural comedy Ghostbusters is returning to theatres next month just in time for Halloween. For realsies.

Details are scarce at the moment, but they seem to indicate that the film will arrive on the big screen with its original content intact. The Proton Packs and neutrona wands will not be digitally removed and replaced with backpacks and flashlights, nor will Gozer The Gozerian scream “NOOOOOOOOO” (a la the revamped ROTJ) when the streams are crossed. All will be right in the world of ‘Busters fandom. At least until the third movie’s details are worked out, which will surely precipitate a veritable chorus of kvetching.

Keep a keen eye on the project’s Facebook page for more information as it becomes available. And always remember that total protonic reversal is a bad thing.

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