Choosing the Right 3DS for Your Family

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I’ve spent quite a few happy evenings discussing the 3DS with friends and family now. Each time I’m surprised that many of them still think it is just a DS with a 3D screen, and are oblivious to the better graphics and other interactions like AR Games.

Once they understand how the technology has moved on the discussion soon turns to how to get the best 3DS price online. This is where things get more interesting, and more complex.

Before considering the best website or store to buy from, I usually tell them, you need to think through which region will work best for you. A friend of mine wrote the following on the subject of 3DS regions:

Because the 3DS is the first Nintendo handheld to be region locked (you can only play games from the country you bought it from) the territory you buy it from determines which games you can play – although you can play online games against players from any region.

The UK region has the advantage of big price reductions when games are released although they sometimes take longer to come out. The US offers the largest number of games on the platform although prices are initially higher. Japan falls somewhere between the other two but offers a lot more niche and experimental games.

If you do import a 3DS you need to take into account shipping, import tax and the ongoing cost of importing games from that region for the life of the console – although the eShop will avoid some of that expense.

Once you have made that decision you then need to consider whether you can get a better deal by buying a 3DS bundle. I usually steer clear of these because it’s easy to end up with games you don’t really want.

Only then are you ready to start shopping around for the offer that best suits the needs of your family. I jumped in early for a launch 3DS, but I’m now seriously considering a second unit from a different region as the games available in the eShop are substantially different.

If I work my way through my kid’s different birthdays, we could be a multi-region 3DS family by Christmas. Overkill? Maybe I should wait until the 3DS prices start to come down a little.

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