So, How Many Galaxies Have You Classified This Week?

Geek Culture

(This is a guest post by GeekDad reader John Booth.)

There’s a low sky and plenty of rain over my corner of Ohio this morning, but I’ve still managed to help classify a dozen or so galaxies.

Just doing my part to celebrate the ongoing 100 Hours of Astronomy by throwing in over at Galaxy Zoo, where they’re aiming for one million classification clicks to better catalog the shapes of the almost 250,000 galaxies they’ve got on file imaged by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey.

It’s the ultimate long-range eye candy – register, and you can keep track of the galaxies you’ve classified and tag the ones you like to find out more about them – and it’s insanely addictive. So far, this one’s my favorite, especially after using at SDSS navigation tool to pull back and see it in its surroundings. (And if my daughter wasn’t in school, we could’ve easily spent a good chunk of the after-breakfast hours going through even more deep space wonders. I find myself hoping the weather stays cruddy until she gets home this afternoon.)

When I started Thursday night, the effort had just passed the halfway mark. As of 8:46 EDT this morning, it’s passed the 715,000 mark. (And it was at 1,267,62 as of posting.)

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