Let the Speculation Begin: Pottermore Is Coming

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I actually gasped when I saw the words onscreen. Pottermore. Coming soon…

The Guardian reports that J. K. Rowling has launched a “mysterious new website” called Pottermore.com:

No other details about the new project have yet been revealed, but an editor at the fansite HPANA said they had seen a “sneak preview” of Pottermore “and it is breathtaking in scope, detail and sheer beauty”.

Rowling’s people aren’t spilling the details yet, but already the @Pottermore Twitter account has more than 35,000 followers.

What do you think? More books? A theme park? Personally, I’m hoping for an MMO. According to at least one gaming site, that’s a strong possibility.

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5 thoughts on “Let the Speculation Begin: Pottermore Is Coming

  1. Oh gosh, if Pottermore is a Harry Potter MMO, I think the entire Harry Potter fan community will have a collective heart attack. Here’s hoping, I’d probably play that

    1. A “massively multiplayer online” game like Warcraft or Runescape. In most MMOs, you create your own character and level up by doing quests, learning skills, etc. You can interact with other players, teaming up on quests or fighting each other. I can envision a pretty fun Harry Potter game where your character would be able to master spells, play Quidditch, battle Death Eaters, and all sorts of cool stuff.

  2. oh wow, I have had zero interest in MMOs… until now. Thinking up a witch name right now!

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