Harry Potter and the Chamber of SecretsThe second illustrated Harry Potter volume will be published in October, and the cover and some interior images were released today.

In case you’d missed the news last year, a new edition of the series is being published by Bloomsbury UK and Scholastic, illustrated by Jim Kay. There are full-color illustrations throughout, and the books are in a larger hardcover format that lets the artwork really shine. There are spot illustrations, full-page spreads, and page decorations throughout the entire book, and it’s really fun to see a new interpretation of the characters.

The new cover is shown above: Harry and the Weasleys riding in the flying car to The Burrow. There are a few more images available at Pottermore.com, including a phoenix, a portrait of Hagrid, and some mandrakes. It’s just a tiny foretaste of what’s to come, but if you’re a Harry Potter fan then you’ll want to add this one to your shelf for sure!