Pottermore: Looks Like J.K. Rowling is Brewing up Something New…

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Pottermore YouTube pagePottermore YouTube page

Not your typical Muggle YouTube page.

Looks like Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling isn’t ready to let the magic die.

According to the Guardian, Rowling is getting ready to unveil a new website called Pottermore. Its arrival is being heralded by a little ARG-like flurry of activity: a Secret Street View challenge involving 10 Potter fansites; a Twitter account, and a YouTube page. The latter looks like a standard page, but apparently contains some magical (or perhaps Flash-based?) enhancements, which makes it interactive.

While fans are still hopeful, the Guardian quotes Rowling’s PR company Stonehill Salt as saying that the new project is not a new book.

“All we can say is that Pottermore is the name of JK Rowling’s new project. It will be announced soon, and it is not a new book,” said a spokesperson.

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see. But we Potter fans are good at waiting…

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