GeekDad Puzzle of the Week: Boomerang vs. Zombie

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Flickr user Nivaldo Arruda, cc license

I moved with my wife and two wee ones this week from CA to CO and in the bustle have been a puzzle slacker — for that I deserve a flogging. You know how it is, lying awake at night in the midst of stressful time, the thoughts cascading through your head. In my case, these thoughts were mostly about boomerangs and zombies. Specifically, could you kill a zombie with a boomerang and what would happen if the zombie saw the ‘rang in the air and decided to charge? What would I do? What should *anyone* do?

And that leads me to this week’s puzzle:

Our hero throws a boomerang in the attempt to decapitate a zombie standing 30 yards away. But two seconds after he releases the ‘rang, the zombie charges. The boomerang tracks a perfect circle at 30 mph, and the zombie instantly lurches to a surprisingly speedy 15 mph (no “Romero” zombie is this, apparently). Here’s the question: Should our hero stand his ground and await the return of his weapon, or one second after the zombie charges, should he run at 10 mph toward a tree 8 yards directly behind him that would take him 2 seconds to climb to the height of safety?

Send your answer to this important question to GeekDad Puzzle Central by Friday for your chance at a $50 Thinkgeek gift certificate !

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