Heathkit Is Back!

Geek Culture

CC licensed image of an H89 computer from Wikipedia.

Heathkit is back in the kit-making business. I’m grinning ear to ear as I write this. Heathkit has a very fond place in my memories. My father built a lot of different Heathkits while I was growing up. I had distinct memories of “helping” him build a color TV, oscilloscope, and later an H-89 computer. The latter was powered by a Z80 8-bit CPU running at a blazing 2 Mhz. That H-89 with a little help from a Sinclair ZX80 and the Apple II computers at my high school introduced me to the fascinating world of computers and electronics.

I don’t have much use for their first two announced kits, a garage parking assistant, and a swimming pool monitor, but I may pick them up if they are economical just to share them with the kids.

You can find out a little more information on the Heathkit web site.

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