Even Kids Can Help Save the Planet

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Image by Gabriel Rocha / CC

You don’t have to have a degree and a lot of experience to find ways to use our resources more efficiently.

Two years ago, at the age of 7, Mason Perez hypothesized that he was wasting a lot of water when washing his hands. By simply turning down the water pressure using the valves already installed under most sinks he was able to cut water usage up to 23 percent.

He wasn’t simply satisfied with saving water at home, though, so he took it to the local ball park. Mason and his mother convinced the manager to test his idea and after a brief trial the park was saving 20 percent on their water bill. The municipal water company noticed and now the city of Reno, Nevada is looking to implement the water saving techniques at other places throughout the city.

This would be a great experiment to try at home with your own kids. Use a stopwatch and time how long it takes to fill a quart jar. Partially close the shut-off valve below the sink and time it again. Time how long it takes to wash and rinse hands with both the high and low pressure. A few minutes experimenting might save some money on your water bill and help save the planet in the process.

[via TreeHugger]

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