A Wedding and Honeymoon for Movie Geeks



Our picturesque David Lynch honeymoon location. Photo: Amy Kraft

There are a lot of areas of entertainment where my husband and I don’t always share the same taste, but we both tend to geek out over the same directors. Around the time of our wedding we were geeking out about a couple directors in particular, which influence our Wes Anderson wedding and David Lynch honeymoon.

Futura was the only font considered for our wedding invitations. Thank you, Wes Anderson (and to a lesser extent, Stanley Kubrick).

For the wedding, I didn’t go so far as to wear a Margot Tenenbaum stripped polo wedding dress (though if I had Gwenyth Paltrow’s figure and raccoon makeup, I might have considered it). No, but Wes Anderson was in the details. The font on all of our wedding invitations and correspondence? Futura, of course, with last names in all caps. The soundracks played a big role, too. I walked down the aisle to “Mothersbaugh’s Canon” from The Royal Tenenbaums, and we walked back out to “Concrete and Clay” from the Rushmore soundtrack.

For the honeymoon, you probably agree that no two words convey more romance than Twin Peaks. When my husband showed me the luxury lodge whose exterior was used as The Great Northern, the Salish Lodge was the only place on my honeymoon list (it’s heavenly, by the way). It didn’t hurt matters that it’s situated atop the waterfall in Twin Peak’s opening, and it’s a short drive from where you can get a slice of Agent Cooper’s cherry pie. “Diane, if you’re ever up here, you’ve gotta try this pie.”

One Tuesday morning, we went exploring down to the bottom of the waterfall. While we didn’t find any ears or men in yellow suits or dead girls wrapped in plastic, there, at the bottom of the waterfall we found… Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Seriously. They were there with a small film crew, and months later while watching Comedy Central we saw a promo with the pair and the waterfall in the background. Geek honeymoon, complete.

If you’re planning a wedding, I highly recommend taking things that you both love, and weaving the details into your big day. Then later, watching the movie or TV show or listening to soundtracks will always make you smile. Though if we had to do it all over again, maybe we’d do a Big Lebowski wedding. With green nail polish and everything. I’d rock the Viking horns.

Anyone else have any such romantic suggestions for weddings and honeymoons?

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  1. Wow, what a spectacular location for a honeymoon. I watched Twin Peaks for the first time last year and fell in love with it, especially Dale Cooper.

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