Graphic Novels for Kids Make Comic Books Accessible to All (GeekDad Weekly Rewind)

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Photo: Jenny Williams

Reading comic books is fairly intimidating if you don’t get into it until later in life. There is this huge mythos surrounding it all. So many people are “in the know” about all the characters, such as the Marvel universe versus the DC universe (I couldn’t tell you which superhero is in which), that you feel like the person at the gym who never goes to the gym. What are all these machines for? How do I use them? One visit is all it takes and then you run away, ashamed of your ignorance, thinking everyone can tell.

I’m a comic book newbie. I never got into comic books when I was a kid, unlike many of the other GeekDad contributors. I have read a handful of comics in my life, but never anything significant. My life has not really been the worse for it, but I do feel a distinct absence of knowledge in that area.

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