Return of Yars’ Revenge

Geek Culture

Yars’ Revenge was one of those original Atari 2600 games I never had, but I’d play the heck out of it over at my friend Mike’s house. I loved the interplanetary backstory, I loved the box art and the bonus comic book, and I loved the gameplay and the sound effects. This was, to 11-year-old me, one awesome game.

In fact, a couple decades later, in one of my earliest GeekDad posts, I wished (upon a Yar?) that someone would reboot Yars’ Revenge in epic fashion.

And now, this:

You can watch a previously-released teaser here at

(And yes, there looks to be a change in the positioning of that apostrophe: While the 1982 game was about the revenge of the Yars as a collective, this time around it seems that “Yar” is the vengeance-seeking title character’s actual name.)

Remember Razak IV!

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