My Latest iPhone Addictions

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Pirates vs. Zombies vs. Ninjas vs. PandasPirates vs. Zombies vs. Ninjas vs. Pandas

I love iPhone games. They’re cheap, you can play for a few minutes in between other tasks, or with one hand while you’re eating lunch. They just don’t take the investment—financially, emotionally, temporally—that typical video games do. I guess they’re ideal for my stay-at-home-parenting lifestyle because I don’t have to fire up the TV and console down in the basement; I can just play a little wherever I happen to be.

But there are some iPhone apps that are just a bit more addictive than others. Even though they only take a few minutes (or less) to play a game, I find myself absorbed in them for much longer than I intended. Often I’ll be in the middle of writing up a review, pull out my iPod just to check a few details … and, oh, look at the time! So, just to give you the same time-sucking disadvantages I’ve been subjected to, here are some of my favorite apps that keep me up long past my bedtime.

Disclaimer: I received free downloads of these apps for review purposes.

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