GeekDad Challenge Winner: Build A Lego Car

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The winer of this week's challenge. The winer of this week's challenge. Congratulations to Flickr user, OneCrazyDad, whose entry was randomly chosen as this week’s challenge winner. The winning entry has a whole heckuva lot going on – rearward cannons, multiple trees and Woody. We love it! Perhaps GM should incorporate more palm trees into their 2011 models.

The car was built with his daughter, who calls it “The Swensoni Crazy treasure car”. OneCrazyDad says “I tried to shorten the name but she insists.
The cannons are to shoot bad guys with fireworks. It can fly in space with its yellow fin wings. She claims it goes 99,099 mph and its powered by the trees. Woody’s lookout turns 180 degrees so he can spot rainbow treasure (Which I think is rainbow sherbert).”


OneCrazyDad wins a $50 gift certificate to ThinkGeek and you can save at ThinkGeek by entering the code GEEKDAD74JK during checkout. This code will save you $10 on any order of more than $40.

Thanks to everyone who entered and be sure to check back Monday for another GeekDad challenge.

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