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Marian CallMarian Call

Photo by Brian Adams

It’s time to vote for Shorty Awards, a partly-judged, partly-crowdsourced system to recognize the most popular Twitter-users in a variety of categories. Usually we would just vote for a few people we like and wait for the results to come out, but this year we have a specific goal in mind, and we need your help!

It was not quite two years ago when GeekDad’s readers came through and helped elevate geek icon and honorary GeekDad Wil Wheaton to the post of Secretary of Geek Affairs. We’re hoping to summon the same kind of magic once more, this time in support of one of our very favorite geek musicians, Marian Call.

If you’ve not heard Marian Call, you’ve missed what may very well be the finest voice ever to grace a geeky song. Go ahead and listen to some of her music for free (and buy some of it so you can listen to it later), and we doubt you’ll disagree. Not only is the Alaska-based Call an amazing singer and a gifted composer/lyricist, but she’s also an intrepid traveler: she just completed an informal concert tour of all 50 states in the U.S. I had the pleasure of meeting Call at her appearance at ThinkGeek headquarters in October, and can personally report that in person she is friendly, funny and could go toe-to-toe in a geekoff with anyone on GeekDad’s staff — and that’s not easy.

So please, vote for Marian Call in the Shorty Awards‘ Music category yourself, and spread the word (you can only vote for a given person once per category)! As of this writing Call is in fourth place, but there’s a lot of time to vote between now and January 31, when the voting closes. Your vote won’t count if you didn’t already have a Twitter account before the New Year, just so you’re aware. And don’t forget to put a reason why you’re voting for her in your tweet or, again, it won’t count.

In case you’d like to be a little lazy, you can just send this tweet (though changing the reason’s wording a little couldn’t hurt).

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