Gamma Lids Allow You To Put An Airtight, Leak-Proof Seal On Buckets

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If you like projects, you’ve probably got a good number of 5 gallon buckets sitting around your garage, basement or work area. Buckets are great, but if they fall over … there goes everything. Enter Gamma Lids. You may have seen their products for holding pet food in your local pet store. Their double gasketed lid keeps items in and bugs, dust, and water out.

Now Gamma has a snap on adapter that allows you to put a lid on any 3.5 to 7 gallon bucket. Just snap it on, spin on the lid and you’ve got an easy-opening, inexpensive, spill-proof container. Plus, the lids make stacking full buckets easier. Gamma lids can be purchased from a variety of retailers and cost less than $8 each. I bought some last week and installation was easy, the seal was strong and I’m happy I found these. Check them out.

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