Kid’s First Lego

Geek Culture

Or, more accurately: "Kid’s first Lego sculpture built from pure imagination." We all get excited by our kids’ various "firsts" but, like our respective excitement when he first walked unaided, my now 4.5-year-old and I were joyous when he concocted a Lego assemblage that was not already proscribed in enclosed instructions. This sculpture is not only the first one he built solo, but it is also the first one that is not a blob of random bricks that is either "Luke Skywalker" or a "Stormtrooper." Behold, "daddy at his desk working."

He was way too quiet. His silence normally means some aftermath will need to be cleaned up. This time though, his silence accompanied his first self-directed Lego sculpture. Sure, it’s not Nathan Sawaya, but he captured everything perfectly. There is me at my laptop and a machine that includes moving robot arms because hey, even he knows that every home office needs something like that (and I need them to reach my coffee cup and lunch after all – upper left). Plus, he is there to keep me safe from aliens (that’s him in the viking horns).

Lego kits are fun, and the level of detail in some of them is astounding, but those of us who remember when the only Lego to be had came in boxes of assorted bricks and few instructions will attest to the thrill in building structures from our own minds. He was proud. I was proud. I’m never taking it apart.

What was your geekkid’s first solo Lego?

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